Plan and prioritize work, iterations, projects or anything else you would like to organize

Planbox Boards help you plan and prioritize work, iterations, projects or anything else you would like to organize. Create as many boards as you need for planning only or create a Board that can be published as an Initiative for collaboration and task management. Boards can be used for iteration planning, project planning, creating product roadmaps, work prioritization and much more. This module is loosely based on the concept of Kanban for work management.

A board can have as many columns as you would like. Each column consists of one or more cards that represent a work deliverable (an Item) or anything else you choose the card to represent in case of the Free Hand board type. A thumbnail representing the last file attachment is used as a visual representation of the card – only the card name is displayed if there are no attachments. You can drag and drop cards to move them from one column to another. The columns themselves can also be dragged and dropped as needed for planning and organization purposes.

Planbox Boards is now available in preview mode for all existing Planbox Work customers. Check out the article Intro to Boards for more information.

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