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Great ideas happen all the time. We’ve perfected the collaborative Innovation method to capture and develop ideas easily and reliably by engaging your employees, partners, customers and startups. We can help you discover and solve your biggest business challenges, eliminate inefficiencies, or build new breakthrough products and services.

Answer the Key Innovation Questions

Planbox’s consulting services combine our platform and analytics with frameworks, experience and perspectives to help ask, and answer, the big questions that matter most:

• How do we discover what’s next and what to do about it?
• How do we get started building scalable innovation practices?
• How do we get more from what we’re already doing?

Innovation Strategy

Capture new value in new ways

We help you figure out where new value will be created and destroyed in your ecosystem-and then how to mobilize your innovation efforts to lead the charge

• Where are the new sources of economic value?
• Which ecosystems can we shape, and how?
• Which customers should we engage?
• Which products and services to design or re-design?
• What are the new capabilities we must develop to succeed?

Breakthrough Ideation

Embrace the fast-track to eureka
Breakthroughs happen by combining seemingly disparate ideas into new patterns. Planbox’s Breakthrough Ideation practice utilizes field-proven methodologies to:

• Capture a rich diversity of inputs
• Stimulate team thinking and cross-cultivation
• Break mental silos to arrive at novel, highly-creative concepts

Build Out Your Innovation Program

It’s a multi-year journey to build innovation discipline across an organization. We serve as an advisor and partner to our clients, helping to clarify the mission, extend their capabilities, and lay the foundations for continued success

• Innovation Journey maturity assessments
• Process design and program management
• Training, facilitation, and workshops

Program Building

Accelerate the path to scale and sustainability

With every success comes opportunities to expand the innovation program, deliver more value, serve a broader mission. We can help you chart the journey to a fully mature innovation function

• Program design and stickiness
• Employee and stakeholder engagement
• Governance, leadership, and culture change

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Innovation Scale-Up

Drive innovation from concept to value

Developing ideas is the beginning of a cycle that culminates with innovation launch and scale-up. We help organizations master the ability to drive consistently from concept to value

• Scale-up Execution – crossing the chasm from innovation asset to market impact
• Portfolio Evaluation and Optimization

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