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The pioneering platform for agile innovation management solutions

About Planbox

Planbox is the top-ranking AI-powered agile innovation management platform for full lifecycle Innovation Portfolio Management, Emerging Tech Empowerment and Ecosystem Enablement. Collaborate to discover, develop and capitalize on the best strategically aligned concepts with your ecosystem of employees, customers, suppliers, partners, startups, academia, government and the general public, with access to millions of diverse and brilliant minds and a global network of 20,000+ multidisciplinary experts and world-class facilitators in 180+ countries with an 80% solver rate for open innovation services such as public and confidential challenges, crowdsourced tech scouting and prior art search. Accelerating business outcomes for some of the world’s most recognized brands including Cargill, Dow Chemical, ExxonMobil, Honeywell, Novartis, Sun Life Financial, Whirlpool and Verizon, Planbox enables organizations to pursue breakthrough innovations, create a sustainable continuous improvement program, build a framework for corporate venturing and action on consumer insights.

Why Planbox?

We are the first company to offer a perfect mix of Agile and Innovation Management software in one integrated platform.

There is simply no substitute for deep domain expertise acquired over twenty years of hands-on experience working on hundreds of innovation and work management projects. Our experienced team can help you plan, implement and deploy a best in class agile innovation management solution configured to fit your work processes with zero customization. By leveraging a highly scalable proven Web and mobile platform as the foundation of our solution offering, our approach delivers the fastest time to value, lowest execution risk, highest levels of user adoption and long-term customer satisfaction.

Our pledge

We promise that we will always:

  • Listen and respond to you as quickly as possible
  • Include your feedback in our development
  • Stay simple and user-friendly for everyone
  • Innovate and build even more powerful features
  • Deliver Planbox as an agile work innovation management platform you can build on
  • Connect Planbox with the enterprise systems you use everyday

Giving back

We wouldn’t be here without our customers and community. So here’s how we try to help the pioneering, the scholarly and the altruistic:

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