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Powerful easy to use work and project management software for everyone in your organization.

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Agile for all

Agile for all

Workers, unite! Planbox bridges the gap between all teams—marketing or IT, agile pros or newbies—by allowing them all to work with a single tool.

Get things done

Get things done

Map out your entire project inside a box—plan, assign, collaborate, track and deliver. Easy to start. Simple to the final click of the mouse.

Made to fit

Made to fit

Got many teams with multiple projects? Planbox’s four-level structure will adapt to all! And why not cherry-pick your features! So flexible it could be in Cirque du Soleil.

Are your projects buried behind a wall of Post-it notes?

Are your teams split up and juggling through various tools?

Tired of whiz-bang features tougher to crack than the Da Vinci Code?


Do great things when everyone’s in the plan

Planbox. An agile project management tool simple and powerful enough for any team, from the Scrum-savvy to the Scrum-dummy.

Planbox is agile. Don’t know what that means?

Here are four basic things you should know:

For project managers:

For teams

Planbox plays well with others.

More great stuff:


Great options and features for all plans!

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$5 per user per month plus tax $106 per user per month plus tax Call for Pricing North America: 1-855-PLANBOX International: 1-514-788-4703
Payment plan: Flexible Plan | Annual Plan
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Agile PM
Boards – Kanban Planning7
Time tracking2 Basic Standard Standard
Maximum # of projects Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum # of users 50 200 Unlimited
Data storage limit 5GB 25GB 50GB
Support Online Priority Priority
Reporting3 Standard Advanced Advanced
Maximum # of connectors4 1 2 5
API Access5
Payment plan: Flexible Plan | Annual Plan

Flexible Plan Payment terms:

  • Pay as you go on a monthly basis
  • Ideal if you are just starting with agile PM or for businesses undergoing a lot of changes
  • You can cancel, downgrade or upgrade at end of each month’s billing cycle


  1. Minimum of 5 users for any plan.
  2. Time tracking features:
    • Basic: Users can enter time and estimates for tasks
    • Standard: Same features as Basic plus:
      • Enter time on behalf of another user
      • Specify a billable time that is different from actual time entered
      • Optional time entry note enforcement
      • Time approval (time manager role)
  3. Reporting features:
    • Basic: Out of the box reports available in the system
    • Standard: Same features as Basic reporting plus:
      • Reporting management portal
      • Create and share your own reports
      • Create and share dashboards
    • Advanced:
      • Includes a dynamic framework for advanced visualizations that comes with a library of more than a dozen powerful animated, interactive charts, graphs and more. Give your users the power to display and comprehend their data in completely new ways with the advanced visualizations. It features dynamic visualizations such as Transitions, World Tour, Heat Maps, Trees, Timelines and Sunbursts.
  4. Connectors include: Planbox Innovate, Zendesk, Uservoice, Github, BugDigger and SnapEngage.
  5. API token provided so you can link Planbox with other systems and applications using Planbox’s fully documented API.
  6. Professional and Enterprise Editions are only available with annual subscription.
  7. For more information please see Introduction to Boards.

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Planbox work and project management software is easy to use, simple to implement and quick to deliver results.

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