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Innovation Solutions by Use Case

tech scouting

Tech Scouting

Identify insights, key trends and emerging technologies on an ongoing basis.

corporate venturing

Corporate Venturing

Target the right partnership and investment opportunities to pursue.

continuous improvement

Continuous Improvement

Continuously re-examine and improve core products, services or processes.

breakthrough innovation

Breakthrough Innovation

Solve the right problems that lead to breakthrough opportunities.

open innovation

Open Innovation

Collaborate with employees, customers, partners, startups and academia.

employee engagement

Employee Engagement

Create a culture of transparency and solution-oriented collaboration.

Innovation Solutions by Activity

Tap into a selected crowd of participants to help find solutions for a carefully described problem or opportunity using a thoroughly planned and executed campaign. Explore Challenge-driven Innovation
Drive culture change and obtain feedback on various topics around corporate strategy with an open, transparent and mass-scale outreach effort. This enterprise-wide event typically lasts 1-7 days with results available in 48 hours. Explore Innovation Jam
Zero in on key business decisions and challenges your organization should be focused on by running a real-time online strategic review session. Sessions typically last between 1-2 hours and involve 50-100 participants. Explore Decision-making & Problem-solving
Measure retention, engagement and creativity to demonstrate the ROI of inclusion by empowering your employees with technology that celebrates different viewpoints and encourages cross-functional teamwork. Explore Diversity & Inclusion
Get investment-ready ideas and extend a unique opportunity to your employees by having them share their creativity, insight, competitive spirit and business decision-making skills to solve high value business challenges in a collaborative team setting. Explore Shark Tank
Vet ideas and put new theories or technologies into practice by empowering employees with different skills and diverse backgrounds to collaborate on ideas and pitch business cases to the organization in 24 hours or less. Explore Innovation Day

Innovation Solutions by Role

The role of the CEO in innovation management is to spearhead and lead the fundamental transformation of the business from tactical operational execution to a strategically focused organization with a deep cross-functional culture and system of innovation. Explore the CEO’s Role in Innovation
CIO and IT executives in leading organizations are intimately involved in communicating and managing the innovation program and take a long-term sustainable approach to developing a continuous innovation strategy. Explore the CIO’s Role in Innovation
The CTO plays a critical role in the innovation process by transforming investments in new ideas and insights into new technologies and business offerings such as products, processes and services. Explore the CTO’s Role in Innovation
The CFO plays a leading role in the financial modeling of all innovation activities and investments by overseeing model costs, assessing risks, estimating return on investment and forecasting market potential. Explore the CFO’s Role in Innovation
The CHRO encourages your workforce to discuss key issues and provide constructive feedback on how your organization operates and interacts with others using a structured collaborative platform. Explore the CHRO’s Role in Innovation
The CMO builds an open channel of communication with your employees, customers, and partners to understand your target audience, how to standout from the competition, and develop a winning marketing strategy. Explore the CMO’s Role in Innovation

Innovation Solutions by Industry

The pace of change in the energy and utility industry drives demand for innovation like never before, as new disruptive technologies are creating more sophisticated customers, higher expectations by customers and regulators, and the possibility to pursue even more efficient operations. Explore Innovation Solutions in Energy & Utilities
Disruptive technologies and changing consumer expectations are set to morph what we think of when it comes to healthcare. Explore Innovation Solutions in Healthcare
The financial services sector is ripe for innovation as disruptive technologies and automation change the way business is done in both the front and back end. Explore Innovation Solutions in Financial Services
As disruptive technologies hit manufacturing, the changing landscape forces companies to innovate or fall behind. Explore Innovation Solutions in Manufacturing
The greatest challenge to large companies in the transportation and logistics sector is an onslaught of disruptive technologies being brought to life by a wave of startups. Explore Innovation Solutions in Transportation & Logistics
The retail marketplace is getting more competitive, with the clear winners being companies that emphasize customer-obsession, as well as those that focus on offering an engaging, intuitive and streamlined online shopping experience. Explore Innovation Solutions in Consumer & Retail Brands
The media and entertainment industry is ripe for opportunity and growth with a plethora of promising technologies leading the industry into a new age. Explore Innovation Solutions in Media & Entertainment
Technological advancements and trends affect the public sector just as much, if not more in some cases than the private sector. Explore Innovation Solutions in the Public Sector

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