AI-Powered Agile Innovation Management Solutions

Identify and develop the best ideas. Work on winning projects

Innovation Strategy and Activities

Planbox offers an all-one-in cloud-based solution to manage all your innovation activities. Crowdsource, discover, collect, develop, evaluate, manage and experiment on ideas from your entire workforce, customers, partners and suppliers. Planbox’s agile innovation management platform employs advanced search technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to automate information discovery and autonomous idea creation from all internal and external data sources (such as Twitter feed, designated RSS feeds, USPTO patent database, Zendesk support tickets, and support emails using MAPI interface) the organization has access to.

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Use Cases


Identify and develop the best ideas. Work on winning projects




For Small Business

Planbox Express provides an all inclusive turnkey solution that allows Small Business to quickly launch and immediately benefit from a cloud-based prepackaged fast-start innovation management application with go-live in less than two weeks. The solution is designed to help organizations realize a sizable financial impact and drives instant innovation results.

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Planbox Agile Innovation Management platform is easy to use, simple to implement and quick to deliver results.

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