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It’s no secret that collaboration produces better decisions. And no, I’m not talking about that regular ol’ boring collaboration of yesteryear… you know the kind:

  • Jim: “What if we place all the documents in a labeled folder for easier and more transparent access?”
  • Bob: “Great idea. I’ll get lunch to get us started.”

BOOM! Collaboration? I think not.

I’m talking about REAL collaboration on a MASSIVE scale that involves employees, customers, strategic partners, suppliers and expert solvers–the likes of which no other generation has ever seen! The kind that produces not only better decisions company wide, but also innovative and market-leading solutions, cost-reducing and revenue-generating breakthroughs, and above all, better, BIGGER, BUSINESS OUTCOMES.

According to Forrester’s Now Tech: Collaborative Work Management Tools, Q2 2020 report (in which Planbox was featured), digital transformation is now standard operating procedure for organizations, with 66% of global services decision-makers reporting that their firms are currently involved in a digital transformation that requires greater agility and cross-functional collaborative work.

collaborative work management

Indeed, what’s needed then is an agile innovation platform that delivers this kind of collaboration instead:

  • Jim: “Should we look into this emerging trend?”
  • Bob: “Great thinking! Let’s launch a challenge to assess the risks… right after we get lunch.”

That’s more like it! That’s the kind of collaboration that truly empowers employees, increases agility, and improves transparency to deliver succesful business outcomes!

Additionally, like the recent Study of Product Team Performance and Innovation Proccesses revealed, over half of respondents credit Agile with increasing their profitability, with a consistently growing adoption rate and almost half of respondents reporting its use.

And, with Planbox now joining forces with the best-in-class open innovation expert solver network, we can seriously kick things up a notch and have conversations that look like this:

  • Jim and Bob: “How do we make our product 30% stronger?”
  • Jeremy and Felicia: “We developed a new material.”
  • Jim and Bob: “That’s amazing! Here’s your award… right after lunch.”

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Til next time folks!