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Guide to Challenge Driven Innovation Management


Organizations have no shortage of general ideas and suggestions on how to improve. For example, “how can we improve customer satisfaction?” or “how to help our employees feel more  motivated?” are general questions and challenges every company faces and is already aware of. You don’t need to launch an innovation management campaign that poses general questions to obtain general feedback.

What organizations struggle with is a systematic process for identifying specific problems and opportunities, screening and prioritizing them, formulating them into challenges, and having the right diverse targeted group of participants collaborate on finding and developing the most creative and effective solutions.

This guide explores Challenge-Driven Innovation Management (CDI), a set of processes, business rules, workflows, tools and principles that offer a diversity-based crowdsourced innovation framework and methodology to identify specifically targeted problem areas and opportunities and to develop actionable solutions for them.

The challenge-driven innovation management guide describes, how:

  • You can implement and launch a challenge-driven innovation approach
  • You can go about identifying the key focus areas for your innovation efforts
  • To formulate those focus areas into challenge statements and definitions
  • To pick the right challenge ownership, participants, reviewers, champions and implementers
  • To promote the challenges
  • To reward participation, measure engagement level and assess productivity

The challenge-driven innovation management guide also explores:

  • Cultural change resistance as a barrier to innovation
  • Notes on celebrating success and failure
  • Examples of various challenges to inspire your creativity

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