Planbox Press Release – Self-Driving Innovation Management Solution

Planbox, the pioneering provider of cloud-based Agile Work Innovation solutions, today announced the availability of the first game changing patent-pending AI powered Self-Driving Innovation Management Solution (AIMS).

AIMS’ AI-powered auto-ideation module, called self-driving Ideas, creates a real time connection with internal and external data sources, allowing organizations to tap into the wisdom of the crowd instantly and on an ongoing basis to identify and help develop brilliant ideas through pattern analysis and machine learning. This disruptive platform allows organizations to automatically create ideas and supporting information from all information sources the organization has access to including:

– Public/Social:

– Social network content such as Facebook and Twitter feeds

– RSS feeds and searchable content such as TechCrunch, Mashable, and Google News

– Business networking content such as LinkedIn and Facebook group feeds

– Patent databases in USA (USPTO), Canada and other jurisdictions

– Private:

– Chat and collaboration applications such as Yammer, Jive, Slack, Hipchat, Skype, and Office 365

– Customer relationship management (CRM) leads, opportunities, chats, and comments

– Document storage and management systems such as Google Drive, Dropbox,, Amazon Drive, SharePoint, and Microsoft OneDrive

– Secure filtering and import of support emails and discussions stored in Outlook, Gmail, and other IMAP compatible email systems.

AIMS information helps shape and better define the challenge. Great ideas come from working on the right problem. Using state of the art search technology and natural language processing, self-driven ideas are auto-created and published as ideas or idea fragments in Planbox where they can be further shared, discussed, reviewed, merged, evaluated, and developed by your team members as well as subject matter experts.

Automatic information discovery, idea creation and article linking functions serve dual purposes. First, they snapshot and capture the existing body of knowledge which is helpful in IP creation and defence. Second, auto-curated articles and ideas provide participants with relevant content to collaborate and build on, increasing engagement and serving as a spark to finding new solutions and possibilities.

“With the realization of self-driving ideation technology, Planbox offers an event driven SaaS architecture that consumes events from all of our customer’s data sources like social media, news, conversations, support, marketing and sales data. All this information is processed and committed to the customer database. Planbox’s system of record for innovation makes a stream of actionable data available for innovation teams and participants to explore and collaborate on.”, said Karell Ste-Marie, CTO of Planbox.

Data deluge is now the norm, 90% of world’s data was generated over the last two years (Src1) and less than 1% of all customer data is analyzed (Src2). With an ever faster growing of 1B+ websites and the incredible number of posts, conversations and comments that are happening every hour on Facebook with over 250 million posts per hour and on Twitter with over 21 million Tweets per hour as just two examples, there is a lot of information up for grabs. Now Planbox provides the technology to help organizations turn their data into a sustainable competitive advantage and proactively survey the market for key emerging insights, discussions, concepts and trends.

“Planbox is the breakthrough leader in the next generation of innovation management platforms powered by AI, event-driven automation and smart workflows”, said Ludwig Melik, CEO of Planbox. “Our customer’s innovation activity now starts and stays on path with valuable and structured information from all data sources available on day one and on an ongoing basis without requiring manual data entry”.

“Innovation loses out to our own limited human experiences. What Planbox has developed is a way to remove our blind spots by adding machines to the mix and leveraging all of our combined experiences. These blind spots are where machines can add insight and help develop transformative ideas.” stated Sangu, an Innovation Manager at a Global 2000 petrochemicals company.

AI-Powered Innovation Management is a patent pending multi-faceted technology and a set of algorithms that will be enhanced in future phases through machine learning and natural language processing, ultimately helping clients fully leverage AI to completely streamline, automate and drive the entire innovation management, agile work, experimentation and solution implementation lifecycle.

Self-Driving features will be available at an additional charge. For pricing information please contact Planbox.

To schedule a presentation of Planbox Self-Driving Innovation Management Solution and to apply AI to your innovation strategy, please visit:


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