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The most flexible and comprehensive innovation management platform with the highest score in strategy AND current offering in The Forrester Wave™: Innovation Management Platforms.

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Planbox Receives Highest Score In Strategy AND Current Offering

Forrester has evaluated the 13 most significant innovation management platform providers on 22 criteria related to current offerings, strategy and market presence.

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Fighting Back COVID-19

Do like our customers are doing and take the fight against COVID-19 online! Leverage an ongoing list of Challenge Focus Topics updated in real-time to support your organization’s ideation initiatives in areas of advanced research, rapid prototyping and commercialization by virtually engaging your innovation ecosystems.

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Welcome To Agile Innovation Management

Innovate consistently and experiment cost-effectively while managing your entire innovation pipeline and portfolio with Planbox’s powerful analytics engine and workflow-driven agile innovation management platform.

An Innovation Platform Tailored To Your Needs

Collaborate to discover, develop and capitalize on the best strategically aligned ideas with your ecosystem of employees, customers, partners, academia and startups, and accelerate your business outcomes by pursuing breakthrough innovations, creating a sustainable continuous improvement program, building a framework for corporate venturing and actioning on consumer insights.

tech scouting


Monitor, collect and search internal and external data sources continuously to identify insights, key trends and emerging technologies.

corporate venturing


Build a consistent framework for corporate venturing and capture consumer insights when validating concepts.

continuous improvement


Discover new opportunities, streamline workflows and eliminate wasted resources by continuously re-examining and improving products, services or processes.

breakthrough innovation


Connect Emerging Tech and collaborative sessions seamlessly to identify the right problems to solve that lead to breakthrough innovation.

open innovation


Enable workflow-driven collaboration, expert-led discussions and collaborative co-creation activities with employees, startups, academia, customers and partners.

employee engagement


Create a culture of transparency and solution-oriented collaboration by empowering your workforce to provide constructive ideas on an ongoing basis.

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From Creative Ideas To Winning Outcomes

Integrate agile innovation in your organization with the most flexible, scalable, sustainable and comprehensive innovation management platform; best of all, you can leverage Planbox’s 20+ years of domain expertise throughout your innovation journey.

Years of Domain Expertise
Enterprise Deployments
Engaged Participants
Realized ROI for Customers
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A Platform AND A Program

Explore the agile innovation platform AND program that has helped Planbox customers successfully implement an innovation management capability that generated billions of dollars in top-line growth and efficiency gains.

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Innovation Success Stories

Discover how your organization can innovate or improve existing products, processes or services, reduce unnecessary expenses, or identify new revenue opportunities on an ongoing basis like some of the world’s most recognized brands in sectors including energy, healthcare, insurance, telecommunication and manufacturing.

A Modular Platform Deployed In A Phased Manner

Planbox’s Agile Innovation Management Suite is a modular platform for full life cycle Innovation Portfolio Management, Emerging Tech Empowerment and Ecosystem Enablement; define the innovation review stages and manage the process from collaboration to validation with customers and subject matter experts, all the way to helping initiate experiments and projects to complete the validation and execution of new concepts.

discovery central


Self-Driving Innovation (SDI) with AI and cognitive analytics tools empower users to develop insights aligned with strategy and emerging trends by scanning internal and external data sources. Imagine different futures, explore the right problems to solve and prioritize with Head-to-Head comparison.

innovation central


Power end-to-end agile innovation management, business competitions, and corporate venturing across an organization’s ecosystem of employees, customers, strategic partners, universities, virtual networks of R&D problem solvers, entrepreneurs and startups.

agile central


Manage projects and agile work, track deliverables, plan experiments and develop proof of concepts with a fully embedded Agile experimentation feature and real-time online business model canvas (BMC).

portfolio central


Empower users to pitch and validate a commercialization strategy with out-of-the-box reports and dashboards and a fully configurable Self-Service Analytics portal that provides transparency and visibility for all KPIs.

Love Notes From Our Community

Our customers shower us with love because we provide them with the flexibility to write their own destiny, one innovation success story at a time.

“A tool is more than a tool. The tool is great, we love it, and I’ve talked about a lot of the features, but what’s even more important are the people behind it, and the team behind Planbox is exceptional.”

With from Kaia Densch

Cargill, Outreach & Education Manager

“There is no single reason for my score (10/10). Planbox truly has a unique competitive advantage.”

With from Joe Messina

Cincinnati Children's Hospital, Senior Acceleration Manager

“We had an idea that went through the innovation system and that alone created $8.5M in revenue that we would have never achieved without Planbox.”

With from Lynne Hayes

Honeywell, Innovation Coordinator

“What really matters is the culture and environment of the providers. Planbox has created and enhanced those values while working with us, and this is a huge added value.”

With from Ammar Nawaz

Hydro One, Senior Manager of Strategy & Innovation

“We like the flexibility to be able to manage the site internally and be able to write our own destiny. This is the biggest advantage of the system.”

With from Geoff Gottlieb

CIBC, Senior Manager of Continuous Improvement

“Planbox is very flexible and their team has a strong willingness to work with us to help us achieve our corporate goals.”

With from Basel Jarrad