25 04, 2018

12 Principles of Agile Business Development

2018-10-24T19:58:23+00:00April 25th, 2018|Blog|

Are You Running An Agile Organization? Most businesses in the 21st-century place focus on being agile -- but what does market responsiveness look like in concrete terms? Here are the 12 principles of agile business development:  1. Customer Needs and UX Improvement Take Center Stage No business can be successful without providing its customers with [...]

24 04, 2018

Planbox to Exhibit at Chief Innovation Officer Summit San Francisco 2018

2018-10-24T19:59:02+00:00April 24th, 2018|Announcement|

Montreal - Planbox, the leading provider of AI-Powered Agile Work Innovation Solutions, will be showcasing its latest AI-Powered Innovation Management technology at the Chief Innovation Officer Summit conference in San Francisco from May 7 to 8, 2018. The annual Chief Innovation Officer summit brings together 25+ industry leading speakers, 150+ innovation pioneers and strategists from [...]

12 04, 2018

7 Business Functions That Can Be Partially Automated

2018-10-24T19:59:46+00:00April 12th, 2018|Blog|

Here at Planbox, we dream of a future where every employee contributes thought leadership to their organization. And one of the best ways to attain this goal is by freeing up time spent on rote and/or menial tasks. Automation promises to do just that -- and every day, companies just like yours are becoming more [...]

5 04, 2018

6 Reasons To Foster Increased Employee Engagement

2018-10-24T20:00:20+00:00April 5th, 2018|Blog|

Effective leaders are great at providing feedback. Whether you manage five employees or five thousand, we know that you are constantly striving to help your team improve. But how often do you stop and listen to what your employees have to say? Listening to feedback can be just as valuable as dishing it out -- [...]