Enterprise Innovation Management Software

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AI-Powered Enterprise Innovation Management Features

Automatically discover data for a challenge or on specific topics from all public and private data sources you can access for trend scouting, automatic scheduled idea and article creation, and to collect supporting information for existing ideas.

  • Employs advanced search technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to automate information discovery and autonomous idea creation from all internal and external data sources

  • Tap into Twitter, designated RSS feeds, USPTO patent database, support tickets (from helpdesk tools such as Zendesk), and support emails (using MAPI interface) and any other data sources you have access to

Easy-to-use online contest and event management tool anyone can use to run innovation events

  • Complete Innovation Jam, Innovation Day, Shark Tank and Ideation platform setup & configuration

  • Define campaigns that target specific internal and/or external user communities.

Engagement system configured based on your requirements, investment, and reward models

  • Standard or advanced gamification system and techniques to setup and track hard and soft rewards

  • Simple task management system designed to make innovation a part of every user’s regular work

  • Automate recurring activities to maximize time spent on innovation and experimentation

  • Manage communities and campaigns using simple admin dashboards

Powerful collaboration platform taps into our wired capacity to cooperate, empowering your employees and community to create shared solutions.

  • Employees, customers and suppliers collaborate on identifying and develop the best ideas

  • Define deliverables, assign tasks and setup notifications to transform ideas into winning projects

  • Build deeper relationships with multiple stakeholders and subject matter experts through regular interactions and notifications

On-demand world class innovation management platform serves as the system of record for managing your ideas, feedback, suggestions, campaigns and communities

  • Adaptive event-based rule engine drives idea development based on your rules and requirements with zero customization

  • Integration with reward and project management systems provides you with an end to end, fully plugged in, best of breed innovation management system

  • Planbox Innovation Management API is a comprehensive set of Web Services with a role-based security architecture. Planbox Innovate is built on the same API used by our integration connectors and clients

Make smarter decisions and optimize your return on innovation investment with actionable analytics

  • Configurable dashboards built on a comprehensive reporting platform

  • Track and report on the metrics and trends that matter to your innovation program

  • Drive innovation with secure flexible role-based reporting

  • “Connect the dots” technology allows you to identify and develop the best ideas and suggestions

“Planbox Innovation Management platform has transformed the way that Verizon finds, collects, prioritizes and implements ideas.”

Director - CMI Excellence and Marketplace, Verizon