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Innovation Management Software ROI Analysis

Are you interested in Innovation Management Software and want to show its incredible value to justify the investment?

There is a clear and sustainable impact associated with automating and streamlining your Innovation Management processes with Planbox. Please contact us to participate in a “Strategic, Operational and Financial Impact Analysis” (SOFIA) exercise. The analysis focuses on delivering an objective value estimation tool for launching or relaunching your Innovation Program. The tool is based on a model that includes a standardized Needs Analysis Questionnaire which results in a summary strategic, operational and financial dashboard. This exercise is extremely valuable as it details the status quo costs based on the challenges being experienced and opportunities missed that would be addressed by a solution such as Planbox. This baseline is then used to review the innovation program’s performance in quarterly and annual reviews and serves as a set of project milestones to make sure you meet or exceed the innovation initiative’s original strategic, operational and financial objectives.

Planbox innovation management software ROI analysis model is based on our 16 years of experience working on hundreds of innovation-related projects and deliverables, the SOFIA tool will help you understand how to:

  • Quantify the impact of launching or relaunching your innovation program and a cost baseline
  • Validate the value delivered and success measured using 3 to 4 key performance indicators
  • Demonstrate impact of investment delay (status quo)

Register now and one of our specialists will reach out to better understand your requirements, conduct a free innovation management software ROI analysis using our SOFIA tool, measure the costs and risks of doing nothing or delaying the innovation investment, and to assess the tremendous potential of launching a sustainable innovation program.

Free Innovation Management Software ROI Analysis