Here is what the Planbox team has done in 2018 to make your Innovation Management system even more user-friendly and effective.


There were many upgrades to the Planbox Mobile app, most notably SSO (single sign-on) and magic link. You can now log in to the mobile app with the press of a button. This seamless experience and fast user access comes with full corporate security ensuring your data is protected.

Branded Skins are now available on mobile – bringing your brand and company to the forefront of your mobile Innovation Management. The mobile app will prominently display your corporate branding which compliments your existing digital products and employee engagement resources.



Administrators were happy to hear about the new Template-Driven Challenge Control. This enhanced admin interface is easy to learn, and efficient to use; allowing them to allocate more time to planning and executing innovation activities, and less time on administrative tasks. Believe it or not, creating challenges is now straightforward and painless!  Planbox has simplified the innovation process for its power users; the software now comes preloaded with challenge templates to get you started. If you find you are running similar challenges on an ongoing basis, you can now set up and configure your own templates or copy an existing challenge to repurpose it; making the entire process more manageable and less time-consuming.



Evaluating overall innovation health is easier than ever with the Self Service Analytics Portal which enables you to quickly and securely create and share reports and dashboards.

With Evaluator’s new multi-reviewer feature, ideas can be quickly evaluated by a team of reviewers simultaneously. There is also the option to enable Admin Role view of all evaluated ideas and who has reviewed them.



Moreover, with Agile Experimentation, the new generation of agile innovation, the ideas and concepts worth pursuing are seamlessly pushed through to Planbox agile project management system;  go from ideation to prototyping with a single click.



We redesigned the user interface for enhanced user experience and improved engagement. The tile display offers a more dynamic visual experience to the user. With this enhanced aesthetic, challenges and idea tiles present more concise information and are more inviting, which translates to improved engagement. In 2018, there was also the introduction of Transparent Attachments making it easier for users to see the name of the documents that are attached to an idea. Finally, the upgrades include a sleeker interface with a more minimalist navigation banner and menu, adding simplicity and elegance to the end user experience.



To further drive engagement with Planbox, Innovation Management teams plan and run a series of innovation events throughout the calendar year. Now these events can be created, planned and collaborated on within the Planbox system and made visible to the entire team.  Post-event, innovation managers and participants can share successes and lessons learned with the option to publish stories and innovation news. The stories can be publicized on the home portal or in a separate tab.



Users can now be notified if someone responds to their comment. And if that isn’t enough, Planbox introduced Innovation Reminders, based on new engagement business rules, which administrators can define and tailor by themselves. The rules are used to improve user engagement and invite users to come back for more via carefully designed event-based email notifications. Messaging can vary from ‘check up on your idea’ or ‘please join us’ to even using points previously earned towards achieving a fun objective, recognition or earning a reward. Innovation reminders keep users engaged in both the platform and the challenge so that innovation remains top of mind.


Planbox had quite a year in 2018! We introduced fun and productive new features based on direct feedback from our users, and 2019 is shaping up to be even more exciting! A quick hint: 2019 will be a lot about administrative task automation, streamlined evaluation and the Innovation  Center of Excellence! For more information check this out. To see the product live reach out here.