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Online Business Decision Making Software

Drive real time collaborative problem solving and business decision making interactions.

Online Business Decision Making Software

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Online business decision making steps: Communicate Choices, Collaborate and Discuss, Evaluate and Decide.

Planbox Online Business Decision Making Sessions are used for:

  • Bureaucracy busters
  • Corporate strategy and engagement
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Enterprise-wide cost reduction discussions
  • Change management and strategic initiatives
  • Digital transformation or compliance initiatives
  • HR and organization development

Decision Sessions:

  • Build consensus
  • Obtain final feedback as you evaluate the best opportunities or ideas to invest in
  • Are the best way to run online strategic review sessions
“Planbox Innovation Management platform has transformed the way that Verizon finds, collects, prioritizes and implements ideas.”
Director - CMI Excellence and Marketplace, Verizon