Innovation Management Platform Diagram

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All-in-one Cloud-based Innovation Management Platform

Manage all your innovation activities – crowdsource, discover, collect, develop, evaluate, manage and experiment on ideas from your entire workforce, customers, partners and suppliers. Planbox’s agile innovation management platform employs advanced search technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to automate information discovery and autonomous idea creation from all internal and external data sources (such as Twitter feed, designated RSS feeds, USPTO patent database, Zendesk support tickets, and support emails using MAPI interface) the organization has access to.

Collaborative Innovation Management Platform ensures your investment are guided by your corporate strategy

Planbox provides a collaborative innovation management solution that ensures your investment are guided by your corporate strategy. Planbox is easy to implement and use, fits nicely into your operational realities, and quickly delivers superior results.

Planbox serves as the system of record for all your innovation activities

  • Leverage AI and powerful search technology to discover information and automate routine tasks and actions

  • Highly configurable workflow driven architecture – innovate your way with zero customization

  • Powerful analytics and reporting platform so you can quickly identify and develop the best ideas

  • Fully cloud-based design and delivery model – also available on-premise for secured locked down implementations

  • An open API innovation management platform

  • Knowledgeable team with proven domain knowledge, innovation results and extensive delivery expertise

“Planbox Innovation Management platform has transformed the way that Verizon finds, collects, prioritizes and implements ideas.”

Director - CMI Excellence and Marketplace, Verizon