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Innovation Jam Platform

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Innovation Jam: Communicate Strategy, Ideate and Collaborate.

Innovation Jam Platform Features:

  • Massively crowdsourced event that happens every 1 to 3 years and last 1 to 7 days. A good engagement level for these events is about 20-40%
  • Complete Jam platform setup & configuration
  • Map corporate strategy into themes, focus areas/challenges, Jam session branded micro site
  • Recommend and implement engagement mechanics such as soft and hard rewards
  • Pre-event trial runs Remote or onsite moderation services
  • Moderator or warroom contributor
  • Daily reporting, idea & comment review, moderator digest report, and daily Innovation Jam event analysis services
  • Post event engagement & results analysis
  • Recommendations for future events and new innovation campaigns based on Jam results
“Planbox Innovation Management platform has transformed the way that Verizon finds, collects, prioritizes and implements ideas.”
Director - CMI Excellence and Marketplace, Verizon