Planbox Design Thinking Platform

Planbox Design Thinking Platform provides a structured approach to problem definition and solution design that leads to the most optimal outcomes.

Design Thinking reduces the uncertainty and risk of innovation by engaging customers and partners in developing a series of prototypes to learn, test and refine concepts through an iterative process to identify unmet needs. Design thinking relies on end-user insights gained from real-world experiments, not just historical data or market research. This approach is used constantly and consistently until the realization of the breakthrough.

Planbox Design Thinking platform helps you find killer ideas and extends a unique opportunity to your customers to collaborate creatively with you, share their insights and contribute to your product/service design processes.

In this brochure, the following questions will be answered:

  • What is the Design Thinking approach?

  • How can Design Thinking help your organization’s growth?

  • Why should you experiment Design Thinking within your organization?

  • What are the Design Thinking stages and the process?

  • What is Planbox Design Thinking platform?

  • What are Planbox Design Thinking platform’s benefits for your business?

  • What are Planbox Design Thinking platform’s features?

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Whether you’re envisioning a new customer experience, improving your current offering, or just planning your next major product launch, Planbox Design Thinking for Innovation keeps you focused on what matters most to you and your customers as you lead your team from discussing ideas to developing solutions and realized outcomes.

Leapfrog Your Competition and Build a True Business Advantage

Planbox Design Thinking platform helps you find and develop killer ideas by extending a unique opportunity for your customers to collaborate creatively with you through an online gamified innovation management portal.

• Connect more deeply with your customers to discover opportunities for innovation

• Experiment with idea generation, critical thinking, problem-solving and rapid-prototyping all in one platform

• Overcome barriers to discovering, designing and developing new products and services

• Generate ideas and solutions that align with your strategy to build a healthy sustainable innovation pipeline

• Foster a culture that embraces creativity, diversity, inclusion, and innovation

Planbox Design Thinking Platform Benefits

+ Lead online brainstorming sessions to generate creative crowdsourced ideas

+ Identify and discover customer needs — receive feedback early and o en

+ Launch new products and services that are better aligned with customer requirements

+ Deliver your ideas with clarity and confidence through real-world experiments

+ Attract new talent and reduce attrition with higher employee engagement and customer satisfaction

+ Decrease development time with user stories and rapid prototyping

“Planbox Innovation Management platform has transformed the way that Verizon finds, collects, prioritizes and implements ideas.”

Director - CMI Excellence and Marketplace, Verizon