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Innovation Activities

Innovation is all about learning, changing, being agile and trying new things. Keeping people engaged in innovation is hard work. You have to plan a steady stream of creative innovation activities to get actionable feedback, involve a diverse group of participants, and keep things fresh to generate consistent results.

Innovation Activities

In any industry, particularly in the technology sectors, Research and Development is an essential component and a key factor in developing lasting competitive advantages.

You can segment your innovation activities into the following three segments:

  • CAMPAIGNS: Innovation activities focused on a specific business objective or to solve a business challenge that aligns with your corporate strategy
  • SESSIONS: Innovation activities that drive real-time discussions to crowdsource and democratize decision making and problem solving in an agile manner
  • COMPETITIONS: Innovation activities focused on identifying high value business opportunities

Plan and execute these activities based on what you are trying to accomplish. Each of these activities has an expected outcome with a determined frequency and duration. Depending on the activity you choose, the participants and the engagement you realize will be quite different. There are also a lot of other important considerations such as executive involvement and your communication strategy that come into play.

For more information download our Guide to Planning Innovation Activities or learn more about each of the following innovation activities:

Campaigns Sessions Competitions
Challenge-Driven Innovation Decision-Making & Problem-Solving Shark Tank
Innovation Jam Diversity & Inclusion Innovation Competition

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