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How to run a Shark Tank

Shark TankIn the television hit show Shark Tank, contestants have a few minutes to sell their big idea to seasoned investors. It is designed to be a high pressure setting in which only the best ideas and the perfectly delivered pitch by the most capable entrepreneurs and communicators can succeed. It is also an effective model for identifying the winning and potentially the most transformative ideas.

Planbox Shark Tank is a version of the pitch contest designed to be a collaborative internal business competition that helps your organization solve high value business challenges in a team setting.

Planbox Shark Tank Services:

  • Complete internal competition management platform setup and configuration
  • Map spotlighted issues into themes, focus areas/challenges
  • Competition portal design and development, daily content and updates during event
  • Manage multiple Shark Tanks in different communities each with their own design, process and participants
  • Recommend and implement engagement mechanics
  • Pre-competition trial runs
  • Post competition engagement and results analysis
  • Recommendations for future events based on competition results

Your Shark Tank event will provide you with killer investment-ready ideas and extend a unique opportunity to your workforce to share their creativity, insight, competitive spirit and business decision making skills.

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