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Run an Idea Contest


Design and run short (3 to 15 days) idea contest events (also referred to as innovation events or jam sessions) to help you communicate your business objectives, and tap the insights, wisdom and feedback of your internal or external communities to find solutions to tough business challenges, and to identify the best business transformation opportunities. These contests can target any combination of your employees, customers, partners, suppliers or the general public.

During the idea contest, everyone works collaboratively together to find solutions to your business challenges – breaking down the typical business silos and innovation divides. Share your top three (or whatever number you choose) challenges as defined by your leadership team. Then turn it over to your community, that may consist of any combination of your employees, partners and customers, to organize into teams and collaborate in working sessions over a period of time to find the most important areas to focus on or the best solutions to potentially invest in. This event can be an effective way to bolster your innovation program.

Planbox idea contest management services:

  • Complete idea contest setup and configuration
  • Map corporate strategy into themes, focus areas/challenges
  • Idea contest portal design and development
  • Daily content and leaderboard update during event
  • Recommend and implement engagement mechanics
  • Pre-event trial runs
  • Remote or onsite moderation services – war room contributor
  • Daily reporting, idea & comment review, moderator digest report, and daily idea contest analysis services
  • Post event engagement & results analysis
  • Recommendations for future events and new idea contest innovation campaigns based on idea event results

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