“Our 5-day innovation challenge was very successful” said Paul Fletter, Innovation Manager at Hollister Incorporated. “We were able to quickly find this idea, partner with a local company and start distributing our stocked material to them so they can start creating their masks”.

About the Webinar

Discover how Planbox has been playing a supportive role in these disruptive times by being an invaluable resource for their clients at a time when they need innovation most. Many Planbox customers who are directly affected by this pandemic are currently running unbelievable business challenges in their fight against the crisis. One such client is Paul Fletter, Innovation Manager at Hollister Incorporated, a multinational healthcare product manufacturer and services provider. Paul will share his company’s very own inspirational innovation journey and reveal how Hollister is currently using Planbox’s innovation management platform to effectively identify the next best innovation challenge solution.

In this session you will learn:

  • The exemplary role of an innovator during these challenging times
  • Critical skills innovators can and should apply during the pandemic period
  • How to leverage an innovation management platform for sustainable innovation
  • Seven innovation challenges organizations should run with their key stakeholders for speed, focus, and simplicity
  • Tips for a successful innovation challenge program