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WHITEPAPER Innovation Management Primer Whitepaper

An organization can only generate and develop innovative ideas if the processes and infrastructure that is in place can effectively nurture and manage innovation. Idea management is an enterprise-wide system designed to tap into the creativity, enthusiasm, energy and resources of your community of stakeholders and engaged individuals to generate ideas, quickly build business case rigor, and to broaden on-demand access to experts in the idea development process. To meet competitive pressures in today's rapidly changing business environment, those who are able to encourage the sharing of new ideas and purposeful collaboration to bring winning ideas to market faster will win.

Organizations that are successful at innovation are known to use a holistic approach to idea management; effectively taking ideas from beginning to end, not just collecting ideas on the front end. To effectively execute on this approach, idea development must be given the resources required in a timely, predictable, transparent and effective manner. Ideas must be through well-defined agile work processes to survive and thrive.

The Innovation Management Primer whitepaper presents six key principles that are essential to developing robust idea management processes. Innovation Management Primer also provides an example of a high level enterprise framework model to drive open innovation.

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