It gives us great pleasure to invite you to participate in the 2016 Study of Product Team Performance, this ground breaking survey, now in its fifth year, is presented by Actuation Consulting and sponsored by Planbox.

This study will assess the dynamics of product team performance, what factors impede or improve outcomes, how ideas are managed by product teams, and trends this information by comparing the responses of this survey to past results. For the purposes of this study, the core product team consists of product managers, project managers, product designers, business analysts, engineers, and other core product team members. The data will be compiled and summary survey results will be made available to participants.

The survey contains 24 questions and takes approximately 7 minutes to complete.

Take the survey here.

Actuation Consulting offers the following incentives for those who participate in the survey:

  • Random drawing for one $200 Apple gift card (for fully completed surveys)
  • If respondents fill in their contact information they will receive a link to the summary of the results

You may take this survey any time between now and March 12, 2016. Your input is very important to us and your responses will remain confidential.

On behalf of Planbox, Actuation Consulting, and all of the sponsors, and partners, thank you for your time! We look forward to sharing the results.

Survey link: