Planbox invited attendees to participate in an interactive board game to showcase its Discovery Central software.

LONDON, UK, July 4, 2019 – Planbox, the pioneering provider of cloud-based AI-powered Agile Work Innovation software solutions, sponsored Innovation Leader’s “Smart Risks & Bold Experiments: Creating an Innovation Culture in Established Organizations”  on June 27–28. The event brought together leaders from around the world to share expert guidance and strategies for creating a more innovative and experimental culture within large, well-established organizations.

“Our Field Study gatherings bring a group of corporate innovators to a particular city — this week, London — to visit innovation labs and R&D facilities, and meet the people who run them. The goal is to see first-hand what some of the leading companies in the world are doing to develop new offerings and evolve how they do things. We’re really thrilled to have Planbox involved as a partner to help make this event a success,” said Innovation Leader’s co-founder and CEO.

The event was attended by up to 60 corporate innovation, strategy, and R&D professionals responsible for developing new products or services at their companies. Some of the topics discussed were how marketing and customer insights are changing, funding and measuring innovation impact, navigating obstacles in highly-regulated businesses, and helping corporates and startups work together in productive ways. Among the speakers were featured guests Jessica Ferguson of the British Red Cross, Helen Hardy of the Natural History Museum, and Stephane Malrait of ING Bank.

Participants were also guided on site visits of the General Assembly, ING Labs, IDEALondon, and Rise London. Each location visit included a conversation with a respective company representative about how each organization is actualizing innovation within their workplace and the hurdles they have had to overcome. With no presentations, PowerPoints, or pitches, the event aimed to create a casual environment for professionals to share approaches that work, or did not work, for them. Chris Docherty, Senior Innovation Advisor at Planbox, said “Accelerators are starting to compete for talent and therefore need to start innovating, offering a lot more than basic business support, a nice desk and the signature ambience.”

During the event, Planbox lead a workshop that demonstrated the powerful capabilities of its Discovery Central software by revealing to attendees a number of  ways to successfully establish an innovative culture within their organization. Planbox’s Senior Innovation Advisors engaged attendees by inviting them to participate in an interactive board game which replicated the software’s problem-solving and opportunity-discovering methodologies.

According to Arthur Liberian, Senior Innovation Advisor at Planbox, “The workshop Planbox put together really helped attendees understand how to uncover breakthrough problems and the steps they need to take to uncover the changing dynamics in the marketplace, the competitive landscape, consumer needs, industry trends, and the overall economy and how that impacts the company and what they should be looking out for.”

I co-facilitated a Discovery workshop along with Arthur, and the big learning curve for me was that we need to pay special attention to Discovery. It feels, presently, like being part of a crack pot religious sect,” added Chris.

Planbox provides many benefits for large and well-established businesses through its all-in-one cloud-based software. The problem-solving and opportunity-discovering technology showcased at the London Field Study provides solutions in enterprise innovation management, continuous improvement, idea management, operational design thinking, open innovation, strategy research, and employee engagement. “It is clear that Innovation systems like Planbox need to be a critical part of a company’s overall strategy as it helps centralize a web of knowledge, data and it’s future with meaningful and actionable analytics that ultimately act as the company’s lifeblood,” said Arthur. Get in touch with one of our innovation advisors here if you would like to learn how Planbox’s Discovery Central software can help your organization create its very own innovation culture today.

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