Senior Innovation Advisors will use an analog game to showcase a digital tool.

LONDON, UK – June 27-28, 2019 – Planbox, the pioneering provider of cloud-based AI-powered Agile Work Innovation software solutions, will showcase its Discovery Central platform by inviting attendees to participate in a board game that replicates the software’s problem-solving and opportunity-discovering methodologies. Planbox’s Senior Innovation Advisors, Chris Docherty, Arthur Liberian, and Nathan Jacob will be presenting Thursday, June 27, at 3:30 pm.

The event, titled “Smart Risks & Bold Experiments: Creating an Innovation Culture in Established Organizations”, is intended to bring together leaders around the globe to share expert advice, techniques and programs that can help large, well-established organizations create their very own innovation cultures from within.

For more details regarding Innovation Leader’s 2019 London Field Study, click here.

About Planbox

Planbox is the pioneering provider of cloud-based AI-Powered Agile Innovation Management solutions – from creative ideas to winning projects. Our mission is to help organizations thrive by transforming the culture of agile work, continuous innovation, and creativity across the entire organization. Our family of products includes Collaborative Innovation Management, Team Decision Making, and Work Management applications. Planbox is designed to provide agile innovation tools for everyone, built for companies and teams of all sizes, it has  millions of internal and external users. Planbox is the comprehensive and trusted innovation solution trusted by some of the world’s most recognized brands including Honeywell, Great-West Life, Ontario Power Generation, Sun Life Financial, Whirlpool, Blue Cross and Verizon; with millions of internal and external users. To learn more, visit: and unleash your innovation potential.