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WILMINGTON, Del., July 7, 2020 – Planbox, a pioneer in cloud-based AI-powered agile innovation management solutions, today announced the release of its latest sponsored research report on What The Future Looks Like: Data and Perspectives on the Next 12 Months, conducted through its partner Innovation Leader, an independent media and events company focused on helping change-makers in large organizations.

Innovation Leader asked members of the innovation community and futurists to forecast what our ‘new normal’ might be. Respondents spanning several sectors discussed what aspects of life from before the crisis will return, and what will be permanently altered. They also shared some of the things that are keeping them up at night, and what lessons their organizations have learned from the pandemic that will impact their scenario-based planning activities in the future.

“Where is the future trend that will disrupt my current product roadmap? Can I see it coming, can I plan for it?” said one individual in engineering and construction. The research reveals that this concern was predominant among respondents whose organizations lacked a clear innovation strategy, and suffered from inadequate emerging trends monitoring and risk management, as well as organizations that did not have a structured innovation management program. One such case is in energy and utilities, where a respondent reported being “very reactive” and that “planning for almost anything has been a long-term struggle.” In this same sector, one individual said “we are not a learning organization.”

This sentiment is in stark contrast with respondents who conversely did plan for a crisis, and who were adequately prepared with a mature innovation management program in place. “We did a scenario planning a few years ago, and one of the scenarios we activated against was a global pandemic. That has come in handy!” said one individual operating in consumer goods/products. Another respondent in consulting/professional services said “we were paying attention to travel plans early in February; we took quick action on the technology front.”

“An eye-opening anecdote revealed to us by one respondent in consumer goods is how this person’s company designed its product for multiple scenarios – and that’s really one of the major benefits of a program that leverages Agile Innovation to its fullest extent,” said Sara Husk, Chief Customer Officer at Planbox. “As indicated in our previous study on product team performance, Agile is credited with higher profitability, and teams that have a mature innovation program are more likely to achieve superior levels of performance in the long-term. If there’s a silver lining in this pandemic, it’s that this crisis will make us rethink how we can further develop innovation management as a core competency within our organizations to help us better prepare for and overcome future trends and disruptions.”

 CLICK HERE to download an excerpt of What The Future Looks Like.

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