Planbox Releases the Ultimate Innovation Strategist Playbook

Planbox has released the ultimate innovation strategist playbook for innovation leaders and strategists who want to get a quick set of recipes and tools for launching, revamping and running successful innovation programs.

Planning, staffing and launching an innovation program can be a daunting task. The innovation strategist playbook provides innovation leaders and teams with the roadmap to plan for a successful initiative that will have the highest level of engagement and create a substantial positive impact on the entire organization. From selling the program’s benefits to all stakeholders, to defining project roles and responsibilities, to establishing rewards – the innovation strategist guide offers all innovation programs the chance to start or restart on a solid foundation.

The systematic investment in and management of innovation is a significant and fundamental positive change in your organization that will impact your everyday processes. Whether you engage in a small-scale or large-scale investment, the ideas and experiments that develop will impact your business model, product and service offerings, as well as how you interact with your employees, customers, partners and the market.

The Ultimate Innovation Strategist Playbook contains:

Use the Innovation Strategist Playbook to bypass the typical obstacles one faces with setting up, revamping and running an innovation program and start creating high impact ideas that develop into winning projects.

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