Collaborative work and co-creation is at the heart of Planbox Agile Innovation Management, which is why we are proud to announce that our platform has been recognized in Forrester’s new Now Tech: Collaborative Work Management Tools report.

The report provides an overview of the vendor landscape for collaborative work management solutions (CWM) and ties into Forrester’s other research around worker mobility and employee experience..

As leaders in the AI-powered collaborative innovation management space, every aspect of Planbox has been designed to facilitate purpose-driven collaboration among an organization’s employees, customers, partners, suppliers, researchers and startups (your business ecosystem). We make it easy to design a challenge/contest/competition or other innovation campaigns, evaluate and develop ideas and concepts, experiment effectively, and manage agile projects to drive growth and to realize highly valuable outcomes. We know that unfocused communication is the bane of today’s organizations, so we have created a tool that makes collaboration purpose-driven, engaging, creative and productive. Planbox represents the next wave in the collaboration continuum as companies have gone from enabling departmental to enterprise-wide and now focused collaboration in their quest for continuous improvement and discovering game changing innovations.

In a world in which we’re increasingly interconnected yet globally dispersed, we recognize that innovation does not happen in a bubble or by teams who carry on in departmental isolation. Today’s innovations are inherently collaborative efforts and we are proud of providing solutions that help your business ecosystem connect, get inspired, and engage.

To learn more, find out how you can access the Forrester Collaborative Work Management Tools 2018 report.