Planbox extends its powerful turnkey cloud-based innovation management software solution by embedding Izenda’s best in class business intelligence and analytics platform for advanced visualizations, which includes a robust library of actionable, interactive charts, graphs and diagrams.

Planbox, Inc. a pioneer provider of Agile Work Innovation Management applications, announced today it has deepened its technology partnership with Izenda, a leader in embedded self-service business intelligence and analytics.

Planbox embedded Izenda’s Vision software in its innovation management software solution to answer the growing demand for more actionable analytics from their customers. Large organizations generate massive amounts of data in Planbox when collaborating on ideas and managing the related work. To discern deeper insights from bigger data sets requires intuitive visualizations. Planbox added visualizations to extend its competitive advantage. Vision, an essential complement to Izenda’s self-service BI and analytics platform, addresses that need.
Izenda’s Vision module gives users the power to display and comprehend their data in completely new ways with advanced visualizations. This dynamic framework for advanced visualizations comes with a library of powerful interactive charts, graphs and diagrams.

Planbox initially chose Izenda’s modern self-service BI software to replace an in-house innovation management reporting solution. The in-house developed solution was not configurable or scalable enough to address the needs of its rapidly growing customer base. Izenda adopts the look, feel, branding and security of the host application for unparalleled depth of integration and scalability. By adding Izenda Vision to their application, Planbox customers can explore and analyze data through dynamic visualizations such as heat maps, trees, transitions, timelines and sunbursts.

“Izenda is a complete, highly configurable, scalable and extensible reporting and analytics platform designed for today’s connected collaborative cloud-based enterprise solutions,” said Karell Ste-Marie, CTO of Planbox. “We conducted an extensive survey of available solutions including the option to investing in a build versus buy strategy. Izenda offered a compelling BI and reporting framework at an exceptional value. It was an easy decision to choose Izenda.”

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