Planbox implemented the following five major new features throughout Q2: surveys, polling, user activity, engagement rules and idea list.

MONTREAL, QC, August 1, 2019 – Planbox, a leading provider of cloud-based AI-Powered Agile Innovation Management solutions, today announced the addition of five major new features to its software. These new features are designed to help streamline your workflows and improve the overall efficiency of the innovation process within your organization. Below is a brief overview for each major new feature implemented in Q2.

1. Surveys

Surveys are a very useful tool to use for collecting input from people involved in the innovation process within your organization. Therefore, the Planbox platform has been updated with a new Surveys feature that is available to all users. You need to turn on the Surveys feature in Setup (Setup > System Settings > Web User Interface) in order to use it. Then you will see the new Surveys feature appear under ‘More’ in the menu bar. To create your first survey simply navigate to Surveys and then click on the orange button ‘Create Survey’ in the top right corner of the screen. One very exciting aspect of the new Surveys feature is that you can select to distribute surveys for a challenge, where the survey will be sent to users who voted, commented or submitted ideas in a challenge.

2. Polling

Everyone’s opinion counts when you work on developing innovative products or services. Therefore, the Planbox platform now has a new integrated polling feature. You can use this feature to collect feedback from everyone involved in the innovation process at your organization. This feature is also available to all users but needs to be turned on in Setup (Setup > System Settings > Web User Interface).

3. User Activity

Good innovation takes time and effort. Now you can track the number of innovation related activities performed by people in your organization via the Planbox platform. The following data points are available to track user activity: challenge views, visits, ideas, views, votes and comments. While, a detailed breakdown of activities is available for challenges. An Ideas Funnel chart has also been added to help you understand how ideas have progressed throughout the seven innovation statuses: open for collaboration, evaluation, in review, pilot, advanced, sponsored and in implementation before they are fully implemented. You can use this funnel to identify any bottlenecks in your innovation process and monitor the natural flow of ideas from conception to implementation.

4. Engagement Rules

It is important to make sure that all members of your organization continue to be involved in the innovation process. However, sometimes people get preoccupied with their routine daily activities and forget about innovation. To help you remind your co-workers to stay focused on innovation, the engagement rules feature has been added to the Planbox platform. You can use this feature to send notifications to platform users after a period of inactivity.

5. Idea List

Good ideas lead to good innovation. To make it easier for you to view and manage ideas, the Planbox platform has been redesigned with the idea list feature. With just the flip of a toggle you can change the look of the idea list now. More specifically, the following key improvements of the idea list feature have been made:

  • Nicely organized all filters, sorting and tile/list switch
  • Added a profile card on the left with the user’s profile image and metrics (idea count, votes and comments, etc.) and will be adding points in the future
  • Re-organized the advanced search to be less overwhelming

To view a detailed list of all the Planbox software updates for 2019, click here.


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