In Study of Team Performance 2016 by Actuation Consulting LLC, nearly half of all respondents (48.2%) indicated that their organizations have no formal system or process for tracking, developing, and managing ideas. Other responses were more equally distributed including use of a CRM tool (14.2%), reliance on an in-house solution (15.4%), and use of an off-the-shelf cloud or premises-based system (18.6%).

Product Requirements Gathering reprinted with the permission of Actuation Consulting LLC

How do you track, review, and develop ideas reprinted with the permission of Actuation Consulting LLC

“A key takeaway from this research for innovators and product managers is that good ideas can come from a multitude of sources. The findings show that an agile iterative approach supported by tools and automation demonstrably helps product managers identify the best ideas and develop them into winning projects.” stated Ludwig Melik Planbox CEO.

About the Study

Actuation Consulting conducted the fifth annual global study of product teams with the goal of continuously improving our understanding of why some product teams excel while others struggle.

Actuation Consulting also sought to expand the growing knowledge of the factors that drive or influence the best outcomes. Since 2012 Actuation Consulting has consistently identified statistically significant elements that correlate with top performance. Not all factors carry the same weight, and a regression analysis of findings has enabled Actuation Consulting to develop a weighted scale to help organizations prioritize their activities more effectively.

The survey itself is unique in that, since its inception in 2012, it has received support from a constellation of leading industry associations and market players – groups that generally don’t collaborate on such endeavors. As a result, a wide range of industry associations and companies have been working to support broader awareness of the findings through live meetings, webinars, and other events.

You can download the full study here.