Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood day folks!

Unless you have the jedi instinct to regularly check the Planbox press release webpage, you probably missed our latest announcement… drum roll please!

product team performance


Planbox Sponsors The Study of Product Team Performance and Innovation Processes!

This is the part where you start anxiously jumping up and down in your chair (or sofa, or bed, or wherever it is you’re working in your home) because this study is loaded with some truly remarkable statistics! But before we get into it, let’s take a brief look at the study itself…

SO! The study was conducted by Actuation Consulting and sponsored by us, AKA Planbox, and it was designed to explore the dynamics of high-performing product teams to improve our understanding of why some teams excel while others struggle, and expand our growing knowledge of the factors driving the best outcomes. Interesting! I know!

But hold onto your seat, or bed sheets, because it gets even better!

The study identified mature innovation processes as a top factor that correlates with high performing organizations:

“Companies with more mature innovation processes and systems are more likely to outperform their peers. A mature innovation management system is one that plans innovation investments and activities that are aligned with the company’s strategic objectives. Organizations with this mindset and rigor are more likely to achieve superior levels of performance.”

Crazy! But wait, it gets EVEN BETTER-ER!

The study also revealed a strong correlation between higher levels of product and financial performance when using profitability as a criterion for prioritizing requirements, with data showing that over half of respondents credit Agile with increasing their product’s profitability!

I know what you’re thinking: mind = blown. Indeed, Darth Vader is to Luke Skywalker like Agile is to Innovation–or Innovation is to Agile. Something like that. You get the point.

Now in the spirit of Star Wars Day, I urge you, young padawan, to go forth and innovate with agility. And if the numbers above don’t have you convinced that this is the way, just remember what Master Yoda said:

May the force of agile innovation processes be with you and your firm.

Oh, and may the study of product team performance and innovation processes also be with you and your firm, should you wisely choose to download it of course.

And if you want to know which side of the agile innovation force you’re on, take the Planbox Innovation Maturity Test!

Til next time folks!