Goooooooooooooooooooooooooood day folks!

INNOVATION. STRATEGY. SESSION. If there’s one thing these elements have in common it’s Planbox, because we have two EXTRAVAGANT sessions coming up fast! And I mean REAL FAST, like tomorrow (June 3) at 9AM EDT fast!

inspiring innovation success

That’s right, this is the last call for Inspiring Innovation Success Amid the Global Health Pandemic, featuring our very own Senior Innovation Advisor Arthur Liberian and guest speaker Paul Fletter from Hollister Incorporated! If you don’t know what this session is all about then you can check out the press release to learn more!

OK! On to session numero two-o!

agile leaders

Are you agile? And no, I don’t mean agile in the sense you see below. Though nonetheless impressive, I think you might have another ‘skill’ that starts with ‘A’… I’m not judging! But I digress!

ALL RIGHT! Calling all AGILE leaders! Here’s another great strategy session that’s coming up FAST! Join Arthur Liberian (is this guy on fire or what?!) and guest speaker Greg Geracie, CEO of Actuation Consulting, on June 9 at 11AM EDT to learn Must-Know Data-Driven Insights for Agile Leaders!

Read the press release to learn all about it, but in a nutshell this session will explore key findings from the sixth annual global Study of Product Team Performance and Innovation Processes, which if you remember correctly, identified AGILE innovation as a top factor contributing to higher performance, with data showing over half of respondents crediting AGILE with increasing their product’s profitability, as you can see in the thought-provoking chart below.

SO! What will it be? Will you…

The choice is yours!

Til next time folks!