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Exclusive Innovation Management Software Requirements Guide

Are you interested in Innovation Management software but don't know the right questions to ask?

Planbox has completed over 400 implementations and responded to thousands of RFPs, RFIs and RFQs for 15+ years. We have put together this exclusive innovation management software requirements guide based on all the great questions and inquiries we have received over the years as a guide to help organizations who are interested in Innovation Management software to leverage our wealth of expertise. You can use this guide to create your own RFP, use it to shortlist the vendors that are most suitable for a closer look and to make sure you ask the right open ended questions that elicit meaningful answers that help you understand what differentiates the offerings.

Here are some of the questions and topics covered by the innovation management software requirements guide:

  • Workflow and business rule engine capabilities that will save you time and automate mundane repetitive tasks
  • Configurability features that substantially reduce or eliminate any customizations
  • What types of notifications, nudges and alerts you need to increase engagement
  • Key innovation gamification, reward and recognition management features
  • Recommended out of the box reports, dashboards and data analytics
  • Deployment strategy, best practices and support processes to look for
  • System and application security, and user authentication
  • Integration and innovation management software data exchange capabilities

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