From an accidental random phenomena, into a set of dependable repeatable business processes you can depend on.

BrainBank's Innovation management platform gives you the capability to develop a unique process that constantly adapts to your innovation objectives, fits to your operational realities, fully supports your business goals and delivers superior results.

What are your stakeholders saying about your brand, what challenges can be addressed and what opportunities can be developed by your community; find out using a systems approach. With BrainBank you will focus on the best opportunities offering the greatest potential. Listen, engage, collaborate and deliver.

  • Adaptive event-based rule engine drives idea development based on your rules and requirements with zero customization
  • Integration with reward management, project portfolio management, application life cycle management and agile project management systems provides you with an end to end, fully plugged in, best of breed innovation system
  • BrainBank's Innovation API is a comprehensive set of Web Services with a role-based security architecture. BrainBank's application is built on the same API we share with our clients
  • Manage multiple communities from a single platform: Innovate your way

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