Innovation Management Capability Maturity Test

Innovation Management
Capability Maturity Test

From Creative Ideas to Winning Projects

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Why should I take this test?

The innovation capability test can help you determine whether your organization has adopted innovation management as a core competency. Innovation management is how you can build an engine to continuously grow and transform your business, and to continuously solicit creative ideas and actionable solutions from your community of employees, customers, prospects and partners.

Who should complete this test?

You will gain the most benefits from this assessment when several senior people in your organization that have different roles and responsibilities complete the test and compare the results. For example, a member of your innovation management team, VP of R&D or product management, COO, VP of marketing, and CEO can be excellent participants for this evaluation.

How was the test developed?

The innovation capability model is loosely based on the concepts and framework defined by CMMI, Capability Maturity Model Integration, a development and management framework that has been widely adopted by software development, support, service delivery and consultancy organizations.

The innovation capability model is not intended to be a holistic all encompassing framework that defines and controls every aspect of your innovation management activities. Rather, it serves as a set of focus areas, proven best practices, guidelines and a roadmap on your journey to achieve innovation management excellence.

What are the results of the test?

You will receive our online assessment of your innovation management capability level (see sample report) in the form of a document that is emailed to you, along with our recommendations on the improvement areas you should focus on, and a complete Guide to the Innovation Management Capability Maturity Model.

Do you provide any comparative results?

The innovation capability model has been completed by a diverse group of business professionals working at hundreds of medium to large-sized organizations throughout the world. Our innovation management advisors and professional service team members have developed extensives rules of thumb and best practices based on our interactions with these organizations and individuals. A Planbox team member will contact you once you have completed the test to review the results and share the knowledge we have acquired as this model was developed and improved.

Complete this test to determine your current innovation capability level and receive recommendations on how to improve.

Time required: 10 to 15 minutes. Responses are saved locally. You can complete the test at your own pace.

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