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Transformational Ideation Engine at Your Fingertips

With the power of BrainBank ideation platform, your community of employees, customers, and partners collaborates on and captures new ideas, and develops them by leveraging an engaging workflow-driven review and agile experimentation process. Tap into the collective knowledge, resources and interests of your stakeholders to unleash your organization's flow of strategically aligned creative ideas that lead to winning projects.

  • Find out what will be your next big idea, faster, while growing your innovation pipeline
  • Improve your organization's performance by quicky adjusting to new market trends and realities
  • Invest in an innovation management engine that will lead to a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Engage your employees and suppliers through their active participation in your innovation strategy and execution
  • Leverage an integrated agile project management system for fast experiments, proof of concept, rapid prototyping and iterative innovation

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