Planbox just introduced the “First AI-Powered Self-Driving Innovation Management Solution” (AIMS). How does this patent pending technology help organizations apply AI to their innovation strategy? In How Self Driving Ideas Work, we describe the self-driving ideas capabilities offered by AIMS.

What problems does it solve?

Traditional user-driven innovation management requires time consuming and resource intensive data entry by the innovation team, stakeholders and participants. Innovation campaigns start with a blank canvas, developing ideas requires extensive manual research, participants struggle to have meaningful productive interactions, and stakeholders have great difficulty in formulating high-value challenges, and identifying timely actionable solutions to complex problems.

“Innovation loses out to our own limited human experiences. What Planbox has developed is a way to remove our blind spots by adding machines to the mix and leveraging all of our combined experiences. These blind spots are where machines can add insight and help develop transformative ideas,” stated Sangu, an Innovation Manager at a Global 2000 petrochemicals company.

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How Self Driving Ideas Work

Our AI-powered solution creates a real-time information stream using internal and external data sources you have access to such as any RSS feed (e.g. Mashable and TechCrunch), Facebook, Twitter,, SharePoint, Slack, Yammer, and support email threads, allowing the organization to tap into the wisdom of the crowd instantly and on an ongoing basis to identify and help develop brilliant ideas. Self-driving ideas are auto-created and published as ideas or idea fragments in Planbox where they can be shared, discussed, evaluated, and developed by your team.

”Self-Driving Innovation brings innovation management to the next level by putting intelligence right at the decision points that are critical to developing breakthrough ideas” Innovation Lab AVP at a Fortune 500 Insurance company.

A Real Life Example

Your company wants to design a tiny wearable device to track people’s health. You know there is existing body of knowledge including public domain prototypes that may be similar in nature, published articles, literature and patents to consider as you think about crowdsourcing to identify and develop the best ideas. AIMS allows you to specify your search terms and decide which internal and external data sources to tap into for inspiration and insight. The solution identifies possible options to help you launch your 8-week challenge with some meaningful automatically created ideas from the get go for users to interact with and get participants’ creative juices to start flowing. AIMS will continue to serve up new ideas as additional information becomes available from the sources you chose to connect to throughout the entire challenge period. Idea generators can also leverage the Self-Driving solution to find supporting information to help build their business case and eventually defend their IP. The information from these articles is linked to the ideas. Once your challenge comes to an end and you can decide on which ideas meet your initial criteria and should be developed further by following your innovation process. AIMS will continue to inform you if any new relevant information becomes available for consideration for as long as you see fit. The solution continues to learn and improve the ideas and articles it serves up over time and refines the results it shares.

Planbox Self-Driving Innovation solution turns traditional innovation techniques on their head. This new approach supported and automated by AI and search technology leapfrogs conventional approaches. The net result is an information-rich innovation campaign launch backed by real time supportive research to help identify new challenges, foster and develop ideas, create defensible IP, and build a robust business case.

This is an exciting new journey for Planbox. We welcome your feedback and suggestions on how you would like to see AI become part and parcel of how you innovate.