In today’s world, AI powered innovation management software can easily perform simple yet time-consuming tasks so that skilled humans can have more opportunities to turn their attention towards creativity, problem solving, and experimentation that require critical thinking. New forms of innovation automation utilizing big data analytics, machine-learning, and other high-tech functions have made achieving efficiency and precision in the innovation management workflow easier than ever before. Here are a few of the most intriguing examples of how AI powered software can revolutionize your business.

Employee Management

Innovation management systems can perform the day-to-day management and administration of ideas without requiring human input. Today’s systems can give reminders for tasks that need to be complete to take action on an idea, organize data, schedule crowdsourcing events and campaigns, and so much more. This is also a trend one sees in general collaboration tools like Slack, Microsoft Team, and other communication platforms that continue to introduce new AI capabilities in the form of bots, which give these essential software tools new functions that can hardly be described as bells and whistles. 

Companies place a tremendous emphasis on managing daily tasks of their workforce, and the positive influence of this can be seen when analyzing productivity gains in recent years. However, it is equally important to develop systems for managing and organizing the bigger-picture contributions of employees. Open innovation software and AI powered innovation management platforms offer incredible potential in this regard — but many organizations have yet to make a serious effort to implement these types of technologies. 

Data Security

Automation software can assist companies in keeping their data secure. Implementing machine learning into new AI for cyber protection has led to some exciting new programs, such as software that can detect new kinds of malware that it has never even been exposed to before. 

Because of these advances, suspicious behavior can oftentimes be detected before any attack has occurred. One example of this is called heuristic detections—meaning they may not recognize a particular code as malicious, but they have determined that a file or website is acting in a way that it shouldn’t. 

More Efficient Customer Service

AI for innovation technology’s ability to discover information and facilitate seamless communication manifests in many ways, including software that increases fluidity and efficiency of chatbots. Chatbots are text-based AI programs used to address customers’ inquiries 24/7, while also reducing necessary work hours. Chatbots can handle a high volume of requests with similar responses. This makes them perfect for dealing with frequently asked questions, so a customer service team can spend their time addressing more complex questions.

Embrace a Company Culture of Innovation

In addition to the inherently useful features of automation software (i.e. saving time, utilizing resources more efficiently, etc.) being an early adopter of new ideas and technology can also contribute to a positive company culture. Many employees find it exciting to be part of the cutting edge, and fostering this type of culture can lead to more innovative ideas from your workforce. Of course, giving employees an effective and efficient way of sharing their ideas is crucial for leveraging this — which is where Planbox comes into the picture. Visit us online today to learn more about our unique innovation solutions.