Ludwig Melik, CEO of Planbox sat down with the folks at GetApp for a great interview on what we are doing at Planbox.

What is the biggest challenge you face in your current role and industry?

Helping organizations connect the dots to bring down the silos that slow them down, as well as making sure the leadership stays committed to drive a sustainable culture of innovation is a major challenge. It’s amazing to see what customers can achieve when they communicate and institute a cross-functional mindset to seize opportunities and solve problems, all of this with an executive team that cares and stays involved.

What is unique about Planbox?

We are the first company to offer a mix of agile work and innovation management in one integrated platform. Creating a sustainable culture of innovation requires a well thought-out program that is supported by a best-practice solution. It must also provide the right balance of simplicity and flexibility. Some of our distinguishing capabilities include:

Highly intuitive user interface with a native content management system optimized for great UX and custom branding
Patented highly configurable rule-based workflow technology and task automation
Higher engagement through advanced gamification and reward management
Dynamic language translation (54 languages)
A predictive algorithm that enables the system to learn and adapt based on client metrics.

And how does it help a company succeed?

In three meaningful ways: agile execution, simple workflow design with a lot of power when you need it, and an intuitive solution built for all – not just techies. This allows companies to break work down to simple deliverables, experiment, fail fast at reduced costs, and continuously improve from lessons learned.

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