GetApp, the leading premium business app discovery platform on the web, has conducted a detailed review of Planbox Innovate. Key takeaways:

GetApp Analysis

Planbox Innovate is an end-to-end innovation management solution that serves as the system of record for ideas, suggestions, or feedback, allowing organizations to transform creative ideas into winning projects and cultivate a culture of continuous innovation. The software lets them significantly reduce the time and manpower necessary to identify the top ideas from a pool of suggestions, as well as keep track of their life cycles from ideation to implementation.

Planbox Innovate leapfrogs the concept of traditional idea suggestion boxes into challenge-driven innovation workflows and implements company-specific gamification strategies to boost user engagement. Backed by 16 years of experience in the innovation management space, Planbox Innovate brings together in one platform people from diverse backgrounds with varying skill sets, knowledge, and expertise so they can submit ideas, brainstorm and collaborate on them, and bring to the fore the best ideas.

The app’s key features include a highly configurable framework, event-based rule engine, visualization tools and analytics, social communication and challenge-driven collaboration, communities, categories, and gamification.

Bottom Line

  • End-to-end idea management platform that can be deployed in the cloud or on premise
  • Automates idea life cycle management from ideation to implementation
  • Carries gamification mechanisms to improve user engagement
  • Can be tweaked and configured according to your company’s unique needs
  • Supports multiple languages

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