At times, you may have noticed a bird-like mechanical object flying through the air named “the drone”. Its main purpose used to be to capture panoramic videos of the surrounding environment. However, thanks to evolving technological applications, a new innovative robotic delivery system has emerged using it as a model.

Ukraine’s postal service is preparing itself to launch a drone delivery service.

There are many benefits to this new system, one of which is cheaper delivery prices. The drone delivery service begins at the depot, goes to the area of destination and back for each individual package. This entire process only costs $0.15, and the machinery never even needs to take a lunch break!

Another one of its advantages is that it is a fast and efficient mechanism that speeds up the transportation of products. The innovative robotic delivery system can fly over traffic and construction sites in a straight line towards the destination at approximately 44 miles per hour.

The city’s topology would be programmed within the robot so that areas where the drone can not fly are known. In addition, it’s controller can instantaneously lock out any parts of the city in response to law enforcement or for safety purposes.

Using a companion application, the system can notify the addressee as to when the drone has taken off, and once the package has been delivered.

The innovative robotic delivery system can directly place the package in the appropriate delivery site by steadily lowering it using a 50-foot cable. This way, you never come near the eight fast spinning rotors.

Many precautions are set in so that the drone delivery service is the safest and most efficient way to transport packages from the depot to a specified destination. We have become used to cars in our streets as a form of transportation, and now drones will become the new technological appliance to become familiarized with.

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