The effects of digital transformation on the healthcare system now permits for a wide variety of healthcare innovation initiatives to occur.

The continuous evolution and growth of technology has made the healthcare system develop new and innovative programs in order to benefit corresponding patients, physicians and hospitals as well.

The digitization of medical records has stimulated a variety of scientific benefits. Apart from informing in an innovative manner in which personalized care can be obtained in an efficient form, this type of healthcare innovation provides for much more.

Physicians can identify patients who are on the cusp of major health issues more efficiently with the digitization of health records. This is mainly because the concerning symptoms can be recognized quicker when presented in a digital format. This in turn allows for expensive treatments and hospitalizations to only be used when necessary.

Positive outcomes stem from patients who receive the proper support and preventative measures. This provides for new protocols and population health trends to be sent to data scientists and researchers.

In 2009, the federal government began to pay doctors to adopt the EHR system. Since then, this incentive has made it increase more than a sixfold. As a result, electronic records make universal access possible, therefore permitting round-the-clock care, evidence-based research and opportunities to receive second opinions.

A breakthrough in medical apparatuses will save the United States around 36 billion dollars in healthcare cost by the year 2018. Patient monitoring via mobile devices, wearable technologies and genome mapping has evolved drastically and is now being used to benefit the system, save money in certain domains as well as saving human lives.

Healthcare innovation is of great importance to the general public. The main benefit for physicians as well as patients is that digitization allows for information to be more accessible to important actors.

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