Planbox Design Thinking Platform

Design Thinking reduces the uncertainty and risk of innovation by engaging customers and partners in developing a series of prototypes to learn, test and refine concepts through an iterative process to identify unmet needs. Design thinking relies on end-user insights gained from real-world experiments, not just historical data or market research. This approach is used constantly and consistently until the realization of the breakthrough.

Planbox Design Thinking platform helps you find killer ideas and extends a unique opportunity to your customers to collaborate creatively with you, share their insights and contribute to your product/service design processes.

  • Connect more deeply with customers to discover opportunities for innovation
  • Experiment with idea generation, critical thinking, problem-solving and rapid-prototyping all in one platform
  • Hurdle over design barriers to foster a more holistic product and service development process
  • Generate ideas that align with your strategy to build a healthy sustainable innovation pipeline
  • Foster a culture that embraces creativity, inclusion and innovation


Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)
Willis Towers Watson
Hudson Group

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