CIO magazine published an article on what it takes to plan a digital transformation and ,at the same time, deal with the rapid fire industry disruptions every company is facing.

Many business leaders are in the wait mode, they doubt the IT vendors’ agenda; they rightly feel that infrastructure alone won’t help to adjust to the ongoing industry disruptions. How about the impacts on the business value chain? How about Cloud, DevOps, Internet of Things (IoT), and Big Data integration into coherent and consistent business capability? How to facilitate change adoptions? are some their concerns.

Things aren’t as simplistic as deploying infrastructures disconnected from business concerns. What you need right now is a digital transformation plan that’ll help your organization survive the disruptions and make benefits.

In this article the author shares lessons learned advising CIOs on their digital transformation and leading highly complex IT organization transformations.

An industry disruption’s impact nobody’s talking about is, it’s shifting the concerns from infrastructure efficiency to organizational agility. The notion that deploying infrastructure is all your business need to succeed is outdated.

The reason is, proliferating startups combined with the digital services soar is reshuffling the competitive game to the point that brand equity, market capitalization, and global presence aren’t enough to survive.

Organizational flexibility and agility are what’ll help your business to continuously innovate, improve customer experience and increase customer value. Infrastructure alone won’t help to eradicate the operational dysfunctions that prevent flexible and agile interactions within your value stream.

To win legitimacy and gain a seat on the business board, make this your mantra: IT’s business value = infrastructure efficiency + organizational agility. It won’t only help you keep your job but will also make you incremental to your business digital transformation and transition.

Read the entire digital transformation planning article here.