05 February 2013

Using Zendesk to Manage your Customer Service

Making sure that your customers get the best of your attention will help you create a delightful experience for them with your company. Zendesk is a online help desk application that will help you manage all that by shortening your response time, automating your workflows and providing you with reports.

  Zendesk had already received a lot of love for their classic version, but last year, they made their application even more awesome by redesigning its interface. According to them, here’s why you should love the new Zendesk even more. It has:
  1. Improved agents interface
  2. Better access to support data and metrics
  3. Redesigned business integrations
If you are still using the classic version of Zendesk, you should seriously consider switching to their new version to benefit from the improved functionalities. If you are not convinced, read their FAQ here.  

Zendesk’s App Marketplace

The redesigned Zendesk business integrations platform is where Planbox comes in. Whether you mainly work in Planbox or in Zendesk, with the integration, you can now manage your customers and your projects together. If you used the old Planbox widget in the classic Zendesk, once you switch to the new interface, be sure to check out the new Planbox integration with Zendesk for even more functionalities. It is now available in the Zendesk app marketplace. If you’re new to all this, simply activate the Zendesk integration with Planbox to start creating Planbox items from Zendesk tickets.
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