Employees are an important building block for any business. When employees are unmotivated or unproductive, the company suffers as well. As we discussed in our previous blog Fostering Employee Engagement: Let Your Employees Have their Cake and Eat it Too, employee engagement is critical for maintaining employee morale and productivity. There is no question that employee engagement is important, but knowing how to stimulate engagement can be tricky for many. Employee engagement software helps to increase and maintain engagement across your organization. This technology can be used across departments and different leadership roles to build, grow, and manage engagement initiatives. There are many benefits to using employee engagement software to boost workplace productivity.

#1 Save Time and Money

Most software is customizable with technical support to make your new tools a smooth transition instead of an exhaustive and lengthy project. You will not have to worry about aligning your new software with your existing business model. This technology provides messaging tools and other integrated functions that save time and money when implementing employee engagement initiatives. Furthermore, you will receive educational resources to help all employees at all levels integrate with the new software more smoothly.

#2 Give Employees a Voice

One of the biggest benefits of using employee engagement software is that the software helps employees and managers gauge everyone’s feelings in real time. Most platforms allow you to conduct surveys, provide feedback, offer support, and coach new hires in a way that gives employees a voice. When employees feel heard, they also feel valued by their organization. This also helps you find quicker and better solutions to problems faced by the employees.

#3 Improve Employee & Talent Retention

Employees and talent are more likely to leave a job due to a lack of recognition for their work, poor work relationships, or diminished value. Employee engagement software helps employees connect with their team and leader more consistently while also sharing concerns and receiving praise. It is important for an employee to see how their individual role fits into the broader business goals. Happy employees understand how their work is positively contributing to the organization while also feeling valued for their efforts.

#4 Greater Employee Loyalty

Employee loyalty contributes to your employee retention. Knowing that your employees do not want to actively leave is different than knowing that they will not leave if a seemingly better opportunity comes along. Engaged employees stay with their company long-term despite other opportunities. Making sure they feel heard and that their issues are being addressed will keep them engaged.

#5 Make New Employees Feel Comfortable

Being a new employee is often very intimidating as you meet new people, learn new processes, and adapt to a new workplace culture. The more a new hire feels like part of the team, the more likely they are to add valuable contributions. It is important to convey that their past experiences and opinions matter in your workplace. Employee engagement software helps new employees share feedback and begin their career with a positive experience.

#6 Increase Attendance

Employees that come to work every day in a good mood increase productivity and profitability. However, disengaged or unmotivated employees usually do not feel connected with work goals and are more likely to do shoddy work and miss deadlines Increasing employee engagement will keep them motivated and productive. Happy employees are also more likely to make share their enthusiasm with customers.

#7 Better Customer Service

As we stated, happy employees are more likely to serve customers well and provide better customer service. When employees genuinely care about their job, they also care about the customer and providing the best service they can. Helping your employees help customers better is crucial, and employee engagement software can help you collect feedback and deliver valuable insight and resources. Best of all, satisfied customers in turn will have a greater brand loyalty to your business.

#8 Improve Company Culture

Implementing modern employee engagement software shows that your company cares about their employees. This improves the quality of the company work culture. Using reliable software technology increases the employee user experience and increases satisfaction. Investing in your employee engagement initiative conveys how much you value your employees.

Employee engagement software is a supplemental tool that can aid initiatives already in place within your organization.This tool engages the entire workforce, whether your employees are remote, spread across locations, or all in one place. Planbox, recognized as one of the Top 10 Employee Engagement Solution Providers of 2018 by HR Tech Outlook magazine, provides further information on the benefits of employee engagement software in a digital brochure. To download the Employee Engagement Software brochure, click here.



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