Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood day folks!

The Force from yesterday is clearly with us and our new friends at Med-IQ, because it is now helping to accelerate… healthcare innovation!


Med-IQ Selects Planbox to Accelerate Innovation!

Woah! What’s Med-IQ? What’s Planbox? What’s Innovation? If I have to answer those last two questions, you’re in serious trouble my friend!

OK! Med-IQ is a major provider of clinical and risk management education for medical professionals, patients, and caregivers, and supports medical providers throughout the healthcare system with education programs that improve clinical skills and care efficiency. In simpler terms, they’re awesome and they do incredible work, and they chose THE Leader in Innovation Management Platforms (wink wink) ABOVE ALL ELSE to help drive the development of groundbreaking products and services in healthcare, as well as explore new ways to transform medical education and improve patient outcomes.

BUT! Now the question is WHY Planbox? Well, Med-IQ operates in a sector where technological and medical advances, among many other types, are especially rapid, sooooooooooooo they need a scalable and flexible platform to help it meet its innovation goals. AND! Best of all, after completing an in-depth trial of six innovation management systems, Med-IQ selected the Planbox software for its superior ability to facilitate collaboration across the organization. Hey, these aren’t my words. See what Jill Longman, senior client account manager and policyholder education at Med-IQ had to say about selecting Planbox to accelerate healthcare innovation:

“We are excited to utilize the Planbox solution to manage our innovation systems. While Planbox offers a broad selection of features and resources for its users, the platform’s intuitive interface, easy idea submission and management tools, and highly configurable platform design are what made this solution perfect for our rapidly growing company. In order to stay ahead of the competition and to position our organization for long-term success, it was essential to find a provider that can easily scale with us.”

See? Told you those weren’t my words. And to think you didn’t believe me. I forgive you though… right after you share your thoughts or the wonderful news with our LinkedIn community!

Til next time folks!