The Enterprisers Projects’ article distinctly states that the digital transformation phenomenon is fundamentally a people driven initiative by four individual elementary standards. Success in business transformation relies on the individuals within the organization as much as it does on technology.

As the CIO of the United States Tennis Association and the executive trainer at CIO Bench Coach, Larry Bonfante justifiably shares his views on digital transformation and its relations with people.

To begin, there is a transformation from a people perspective with regards to viewing IT as a business leader. It is viewed as a major culture shift present within many organizations.

Secondly, digital transformation is a culture and people driven initiative. It is necessary to include technologists that comprehend how to effectively apply concepts in order to solve business related issues. Moreover, relationship managers are crucial aspects as they relate the IT and business components together.

Thirdly, in order for digital transformation to succeed, individuals must take part in the process and avoid dictation. Every single person present throughout the affair is a significant and valuable contributor.

Lastly, digital transformation is considered to be a people issue due to the fact that it is essential to choose a satisfactory group to take part in this process or redirect an already existing team.

Executing technology’s varying functions are not the troublesome aspects of digital transformation. However, it is the relationships between the IT and the business element that remains the issue.

Technology is complex and diverse, however, it still remains more straightforward than people. When it comes to technology, it is either classified as working or temporarily defective, but can, ultimately, be fixed. It is people who are truly intricate and require extreme effort with regards to a transformation attempt.

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