When on the prowl for an innovative expert, keep watch for these productive traits.

Innovation is a constant for businesses today, especially as technology continually and rapidly evolves. Innovation offers an opportunity to set one’s company apart and enables it to be even more competitive in its industry. Having only one revolutionary idea at a time is not enough, though, which is why having at least one innovation expert sourced or on staff is vital. 

But how do you find an innovation expert? What traits can you look for to identify one? Do you need to hire out specifically or can you find one on staff? Not all experts of innovation are scientists or engineers but instead are simply wired to push a company to perform at its best while setting a high bar for the success of a business. Below are five traits you can look for when sourcing an innovation expert for your company.

They Are Constantly Learning

Innovation experts are constantly learning. Look to the wisdom of Albert Einstein, for example: “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” Einstein knew that knowledge is limited to only what we already know. Solid innovation experts may have knowledge but not all are innately gifted with it – some may even be college dropouts! Innovation experts are more importantly hungry for finding and testing new solutions. They are in it because of an insatiable sense of curiosity and are constantly learning and testing solutions to problems.

They Are Extra Persistent

Persistence is one of the most important characteristics that set true innovators apart from others, according to hordes of entrepreneurship studies. Persistent innovators push through mistakes that invariably occur when venturing out into uncharted territory as they see it as an opportunity. Innovation experts strive to ensure innovative teams “fail fast” and press onward. 

They Make Use of Tools

Innovation experts know that administrative duties are one of the last things inventors should be slowed down with, so they make use of tools for efficiency. The most successful businesses apply tools, systems, and technologies that increase innovation productivity. Good invention disclosure tools are capable of increasing both quantity and quality of disclosures by freeing inventors to do the work that is most important.

They are Super Organized

Innovation experts are very organized, as organization is a key factor of their success. They make maintain detailed records but they are most often not scattered across multiple databases as they recognize that multiple records In different locations can spell disaster. Rather, they keep all valuable knowledge in one or two places to ensure it does not slip through the cracks. By keeping data well-organized, innovation experts are better able to keep friction at bay from every workflow, which helps to ensure a seamless innovative process that makes your company more competitive and successful.